Currently listening to: The Fountain soundtrack. It’s pretty.

Currently watching: Nothing! Battlestar Galactica just finished for the year.

Currently reading: I…err…keep meaning to pick up one of the several books I have scattered around my room that I want to read, but keep not doing it. I finished Rainbows End a few weeks ago and it was pretty good and interesting, although it took me a while to get into it.

Currently adventuring: Hiked part of the Mt. Holyoke Range on Saturday, see the pictures below.

Currently traveling: Leaving for California on the 22nd. Staying through the 2nd. Part of that time spent in Palm Desert. Should be fun.

What are you up to?

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  1. Do you really want to know?

    Listening: “Here it goes again” by Ok Go (ever since I saw that song in the Nike+ commercial it’s been stuck in my head, and I’ve been using it as my PowerSong).

    Watching: Lots and lots of BSG. Finished S1, up to 2×06 now.

    Reading: Some thesis stuff, about to start _Only Revolutions_ by Mark Z. Danielewski (who wrote _House of Leaves_, which I loved), and possibly starting to read from _The Complete Sherlock Holmes_ which I just received as a gift. Also, working through _Signing for Dummies_ to teach myself some very rudimentary ASL.

    Adventuring: Planning a day-trip down to San Diego, and hopefully a trip to Disneyland (but you knew that already).

    Traveling: Home in CA now, returning to school Jan 13, with the LSA conference in Anaheim in the middle. I guess Anaheim doesn’t count as traveling, but oh well.

  2. Well, since I don’t have a blog (yet), I might as well post what I am up to here 😛

    Listening: “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” by Scissor Sisters (don’t laugh, it’s very catchy)

    Watching: We don’t have a TV, remember? Though Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather (was on Sky in Britain) should be done downloading by now… 😉

    Reading: Oreilly Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 and Programming Jabber, Richard Feynman’s What do YOU Care What Other People Think and Bill Bryson’s Made in America

    Adventuring: If only it would stop raining…Maybe when the weather gets nice I’ll be able to go biking again, now that I have special biking earphone holders that clip on to my helmet (Hannukah present from Jess)

    Traveling: Thursday morning we begin the long trek across the Atlantic where we will stay for a couple weeks.

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