Hex is the British answer to Buffy, but a better name might be Fluffy

Once my TiVo got properly programmed by Comcast I discovered that I have BBC America, on which I’ve found a little guilty pleasure called _Hex_ which is sorta a crappy British version of Buffy, only with demony angel things instead of vampires, and a telekinetic but silly quasi-witch as the heroine (well, until they kill her off because the actor wanted to do other things after the absolutely *grueling* pace of filming a modern, 5 episode drama for television, thus screwing up the series and forcing the writers to make things even more non-sensical, but that’s another blog entry entirely). Anyway, Defenestration Magazine (what?) offers a fun (if a bit lengthy) synopsis of the entire series if you want to enjoy a bit of British TV without actually having to watch it:

bq. We meet Cassie. She’s beautiful, but shy–which translates to her wearing neutrals and being boring as hell. She says things like “Why?” and “I don’t understand.” and sometimes she tempestuously tosses her head and says “You don’t understand!” Oh, she’s so fiery!

They spend a lot of time summarizing season 1 (the five episodes) and then, once things get silly(-er), devote much less ink to the 13 episodes of season 2, which, although I haven’t yet seen them, I gather is what they deserve.

2 replies on “Hex is the British answer to Buffy, but a better name might be Fluffy

  1. Defenestration is an AWESOME name for a magazine! Maybe I’ll look into TiVoing the series myself, although if the recaps are half as good as TWOP, reading might be more entertaining.

  2. Right, so I’m reading your blog today and I know you posted this 4 days ago, but a magazine named for throwing things out windows just needs commenting.


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