Upheaval at the Frank Stanton Studios

I was wondering what happened to Barbara Bogaev, the co-host of Weekend America, who disappeared a couple months ago. According to a leaked internal memo, Minnesota Public Radio is moving half of the operation to St. Paul, and, presumably, Barbara didn’t want to make the move. It’s sad, because part of what makes Weekend America fun and quirky is the interplay between the two hosts, which will be more difficult to achieve when they are not physically sitting next to each other in a studio (or working in the same office). When I got to watch a taping of Marketplace back in August, they were taping Weekend America segments in the next studio over, and it was neat. I sure hope Marketplace isn’t also forced out of the Frank Stanton Studios in Los Angeles. There is something to be said for being the only daily national business news program originating from the West Coast. Not to mention it would be tough to remain affiliated with USC from St. Paul!