Happy Happy Happy

Everything is working out quite nicely. I’ll be in a suite next year with seven very nice people who seem both interesting and easy to get along with (I know two of them and had met a third). Our mini-lottery for once found me with a bit of luck in tow, as I landed one of the two open singles, so I get to room alone, while still having the advantages of having a roommate or, more specifically, seven other suitemates. 🙂 I was very worried about housing and really wanted something single, and the suites are very nice, so this is a great development. We have private bathrooms (two for the eight of us…but no ventilation…), a common area, lots of windows, lots of room, and little oversight (in terms of “forbidden items” like, say, toasters). /me claps hands.

Now on to the 200 pages of reading I have tonight for my Psychohistory class tomorrow, which I get to present this time…

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  1. That was a bit unclear. I _know_ two of them, I had met one on an excursion to Boston, and I met the rest minus Zach at dinner tonight. So depending on your definition of "knowing," "friend," and "met," any can apply. And until I post my rant on what I think "friendship" means, we’ll just leave it at that. 😛

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