Does first sale apply to software licenses?

Excuse me for being late to this game, in the past I’ve bought and sold software packages which include media, serial numbers, sometimes even USB dongles or other copy protection devices. But now I find myself in an interesting position — a couple months ago I bought a program (Airfoil) to send audio to my AirPort Express. I paid for it with a credit card, downloaded the program from a web site, and entered a serial number I received by email. No physical manifestation of the program to hold and transfer.

Today I got an AppleTV, and no longer need the functionality. The software is fresh and undamaged ;), and I have every intention of deleting it from my computer. I’d like to recover at least a portion of my $25 investment, and would do so by offering the license for sale on eBay. So my two questions would be, first, does the first sale doctrine apply to software licenses like this? And second, will eBay, regardless, yank my listing? Berkfolk?