I miss Carracho

Yeah, no one knows what I’m talking about. But as I try with little success to suck down Life on Mars from BitTorrent, I think back to when cable modems were new, music was heavily compressed, software was lightweight, bandwidth was plentiful, servers were private, and I started a little something called (∞) the infinity alliance. Good times.

One reply on “I miss Carracho”

  1. Yes I do know what you are talking about! I do remember your group……I was 1st member of Gathering and was CCS at the start of Carracho.. omg I had a server on dial up…….Im now desperatly looking for a Carracho client that works ( developers site dl are off) so I can get to Bob A. Booey for those useful manuals etc….. was there in dec 06. Had HD crash with no copy of carracho…ouch! Any ideas?? Thanks Marko

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