Clean clothes

Tomorrow the plumber is coming to replace my dummy water valves — *dummy water valves* — with real, working ones. This requires shutting off water to the entire building of 40 units, but so it goes. How is it legal to install non-functioning water valves as part of new construction? This building is less than 20 years old! Anyway, once that’s done, I’ll be able to unhook my old, broken washing machine and hook up my new, expensive but nearly identical and non-broken one. And then I can have clean clothes again! Three weeks is a long time to wait for clean clothes. I’ll note here that I wanted to use this opportunity to buy a fancy new stacked washer/dryer combo, but after looking at the prices (expensive!) I chose to just replace my washer with what is basically the same model. I imagine it’ll work just as well, except for the cost of it, the delivery, the warranty, and the plumbing work. Ick. Being a homeowner sucks sometimes.

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  1. True. Welcome to the world of home ownership. And keep a few bucks in reserve, for the next fix.

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