Teacher Cell Phone Photos Has People Talking

*School:* Kids stole a teacher’s cell phone and pilfered naked photos, then mailed them to the basketball team. Kids are gonna get in trouble.
*Teacher:* …
*Parents:* But the teacher shouldn’t have had them there in the first place! If they weren’t on her cell phone, the kids wouldn’t have been able to break into the locked room and steal the cell phone to get at the pictures!
*Teacher:* …?
*Random Comunity Member:* Teachers shouldn’t be having sex in the first place! And they certainly shouldn’t be leaving their phones out in plain view where students might accidentally stumble upon nude photos after breaking into a locked room and stealing private property!
*Teacher:* ???

2 replies on “Teacher Cell Phone Photos Has People Talking”

  1. what does having the pics on the cell phone have anything to do with your kids or any kids breaking into a locked room..they where not after the pics…if this were the case then the teacher must have told them the pics are on the phone…no these kids had plans for the phone the pics just happen to be on there..the teacher isnt guilty of passing out pics..shes guilty of being human and making a mistake.

  2. blame your kids parents are an example of what kids will become…a parent who takes accountablity for there children have children who do the same when they grow to be an adult and pass that on to there kids…dont baby your kids and use yourself as a sheild for your children to have as an excuse to be a fool in life

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