My first Boston Organics shipment

Recently I signed up with Boston Organics. I’m paying them $27 week, or about half of my traditional grocery shopping allotment, for fresh organic produce and vegetables. (Depending on usage I may drop to biweekly delivery.) My hope is that by being “forced” to make use of various fruits and vegetables that I might not otherwise have bought, I’ll improve my diet and try new things. Yesterday I got home to a green box full of stuff, and instead of some less healthy after-work snack, I chose a plum. For dinner I made a salad. And for breakfast I had an omelette. And today I packed a lunch for work for the first time in…well…a while.

So we’ll see how long this lasts.

Here’s what I got in my first box:

My first Boston Organics shipment
* 2 Abate pears
* 5 Bananas
* 2 Gala apples
* 1 Haitian mango
* 3 Red plums
* 1 Box strawberries
* 2 Valencia oranges
* 1 Avocado
* 1 Head broccoli
* 1 Head red leaf lettuce
* 3 Roma tomatoes
* 2 Ears yellow corn
* 2 Nectarines
* 2 Peaches
* 1 loaf 7 grain bread (with dates, an unwelcomed surprise)

7 replies on “My first Boston Organics shipment”

  1. You can tell them the things you absolutely don’t want and then what you end up with is in the form of “many of the boxes this week include X” and “some of the boxes this week also include Y”.

  2. Seems like a very cool idea, though would probably be cheaper if they ran it a bit more like a local Co-op, then you’d be supporting more local farms and getting fresher produce. But I suppose you’d get less variety which might put some people off.

    Either way, good for you eating fruits and veggies.

  3. I bought a farm share with some friends this year, but we gotta go all the way out to Weston to pick it up. It’s all grown on the farm using organic methods. First pick up is next Thursday, should be yummy!

  4. I’ve gotten Boston Organics deliveries for a year or two now, and really like it. Right now we have it coming every other week. I actually think I’d go back to every week if it was just me, since part of our problem in using the veggies up is in neither one of us wanting to use more than our share, which is of course silly, but there you go. Sometimes they have really amazing stuff, like little things of berries that would cost $5 at the store, etc.

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