Went down to the Cape yesterday and discovered that there is a place in New England where you can do things like wake board and water ski. I had no idea. The rules there doesn’t seem well defined or enforced — at Arrowhead or Havasu there were some straightforward rules and some enforcement — when a skier is in the water, the red flag goes up, for instance. And you acknowledge other downed skiers with a hand signal. And you always have a spotter in the boat whose job is to keep their eyes on the skier.

I was also told a story of jet skis run amok, which is never a good sign, but perhaps somewhat inevitable these days.

But in the end I felt perfectly safe — my hosts followed the cardinal rule, which is protect your skier: keep them away from other boats and snap right back around when they fall to shield them from possible hazards. And they had some fun wide parabolic skis that were stable and easy to get up on. It was a blast.

The only problem was being reminded yet again that, once you get up, skiing can be a bit, well, boring! Maybe I need to learn some tricks, like how to catch some more air, spin around in place, or, err, something. Or maybe I just need to learn to ski on one. Plus I woke up this morning and everything was sore. 🙂