Kittens are my anti-drug

First time I haven’t watched 24 live. For once school work took priority. Not that I missed it, not with my trusty TiVo! 🙂

Looks like I might be attending a Buffy gathering in LA on March 30th, assuming I don’t have other plans. Odd but possibly interesting and fun. In another bit of Buffy hilarity, the post from TWoP that I quoted a few entries back (pancakes and spatulas and such) was written, oddly enough, by a fellow Brandeisian. What are the odds? I mean, seriously take a moment to consider this chain: Brandeis student likes Buffy. Said student visits TWoP. Posts message on message board. I like Buffy. I visit TWoP. I happen to find the thread. I happen to find that single post more memorable than any others on the board. I put that post on my blog. This person somehow finds my blog and reads her own post (despite a bad attribution, now fixed). She e-mails me.

One could think a higher power or some form of magic is at work here. Its just soooo odd. But really cool. Don’t think she’s going to the LA gathering, seeing as she’s probably not from LA. But if she is…oh my, I’d have to renounce my atheism.

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