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I don’t watch commercials, only listen to public radio, block web ads, and read very few magazines, so sometimes I miss out on interesting stuff. Tonight I watched a bunch of movie trailers on Apple’s web site for things I probably won’t see in theaters, because I *hate* theaters. Anway, here are my reviews (of the trailers), for whatever they’re worth.

*This Is England*: An “important” movie about a 12 year old skinhead in the 80s, won lots of awards, not something I really want to see.
*Stardust*: A strange fantasy/fairy adventure with Claire Danes as a living star, but its Neil Gaiman so despite my doubts I’ll see it.
*The Brave One*: Jodie Foster as modern day female Bernie Goetz. I read the book and met the jury foreman, not interested in this.
*Into the Wild*: A guy goes on a cross-country journey to Alaska, lots of trials and tribulations. Sean Penn wrote and directed, and he still seems nuts, but it looks really pretty and probably worth seeing.
*Transformers*: Can’t tell from the trailer if this is bad or awful, there look to be a lot of explosions.
*Get Smart*: Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart? Trailer is stupid, but there is potential there. I remember _Get Smart_ rerurns fondly.
*In the Shadow of the Moon*: All the surviving Apollo astronauts talk about their adventures. I eat this stuff up. Doesn’t look as good as _The Right Stuff_, though.
*Margot at the Wedding*: Something about a wedding. Dunno. Sorta reminds me of _Home for the Holidays_?

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  1. Claire Danes? *is sad*

    But, like you, I’ll see it because it’s Gaiman, though I won’t be seeing it for like two months after it comes out in the states because the movie industry wants to make me pirate the movie… even though Gaiman is British and thus the movie should come out at the same time!

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