I’m On the Media (tomorrow)

When the nice producer called me I was excited because I listen to NPR’s On the Media whenever I catch it, usually once or twice a month, and its the *perfect* show for a story about dcphonelist.com. Then she said something about a discussion and I got really confused about the format of the interview and asked her to explain the show and generally sounded like a dope. Then they pre-interviewed me and decided there wasn’t enough to the story (or I was too boring). Then today (after the article in _The Hill_ came out), they decided there was. Anyway, yeah, had an neat interview today at WBUR over ISDN to Bob Garfield at WNYC, and with any luck the segment will be interesting and I won’t sound like an idiot. Here’s hoping.

Edit: Here is the audio and transcript.

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  1. No worry about sounding like an idiot. I have heard from several people who heard the interview, and all commented on how well spoken you were.
    Any concern that an unhappy individual who has been outed by your site will express anger or whatnot at your actions (and of course, their own)?

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