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Apparently everyone knows Ryan Seacrest now, thanks to _American Idol_ and other big things, but I still think of him as that DJ on Star back in the 90s. Which I only thought of because I’ve been listening to an old CD, It’s Star Music, with a song I love, “Insensitive” by Jann Arden. I like Star better than KROQ, which apparently employed Jimmy Kimmel for several years in the 90s as a sports guy. I imagine a lot of interesting and well-known personalities got their start in the LA radio scene. Maybe I just don’t know anything about Boston radio, but it doesn’t seem like there is the sort of huge music scene here that there is in LA, its more small venues and fewer big concerts and gatherings. Which seems odd. Or I could be completely out of touch, which is a better possibility. There is good music to be had here, I guess I just don’t see it being advertised. And of course I spend far less time in the car here, and when I am in the car I listen almost exclusively to NPR, and only hear music from my iPod. Which might explain why I don’t have any new music to enjoy. Hmm. Anyone know any good music?

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