The AT&T Experience

In brief: I bought the iPhone. I had some major problems with porting my number from Sprint that was about 5% my fault (not knowing the right account info) and 95% AT&T’s fault (giving me bad info and screwing up the process, burning in my SIM card with the wrong number, etc.). I got incredibly frustrated and was ready to just call the whole thing off (and take the $40 iPhone restocking fee), but Sebastian suggested I call and complain to a manager. I called AT&T Customer Service, spoke to a “Customer Advocate,” and briefly explained my problem to him. He disagreed on a few points, but I explained how the information was conveyed to me was not the same as what he was telling me. He asked me what I wanted, I said my activation fee waived and a free month of service, and like that my problem was solved and my wishes made real. Not bad. For now, my anger with AT&T is smoldering. If the port goes through successfully and without too much hassle, it will be doused, and if I don’t have further problems, I might even be able to recommend AT&T to others! But we’ll take this one step at a time…

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  1. Are “Customer Advocates” the entry level of the customer service chain, or are they a level up? If so, did you use a particular technique to escalate your call, or did you just say “I’d like to speak to your manager”?

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