Change is coming

I’ve been growing dissatisfied with the design of this blog for a while now, but was never able to come up with a new design that is both visually pleasing, more functional, and, most importantly, easy to implement.

A few weeks ago I came up with a design I’m really happy with. I designed it with the powerful and customizable K2 theme in mind, and am actually sorta surprised that I’ve been so successful in overlaying my design and functionality on top of that very powerful but visually restricted theme.

The new design is going to bring some important improvements: a wider page, larger, more readable text, and, my favorite, a much better way of posting and displaying links, quotations, pictures, and the like. I think that putting all the different types of content I like to post on an equal visual footing is going to be really useful. Unfortunately it means I need to go back through my voluminous archives and reformat a ton of posts to match the new way of doing things. Which is going to take some time.

Still, with any luck, I hope to have the new design up and running in the next week or so, even if some of the older entries aren’t going to display properly (at first). Stay tuned, its an exciting time. 🙂