This morning I went for a bike ride along the Minuteman trail. My intent was to check out the part near me that I didn’t know existed, instead I would up going all the way to the end. A few miles in I came upon a girl who was going at my same pace, and I ended up following her all the way out to Bedford. I stopped for a drink of water and then turned around, only to find that she had just started back as well. The path was beautiful: amazing foliage and great weather and light traffic (at least at the beginning). I just sort of kept going, with the mysterious rider ahead of me urging me on, going the perfect speed, passing all the slow pokes and joggers and people with their kids, until a few miles from the end I stopped at Trader Joe’s for some groceries and she kept riding, disappearing into the distance.

The ride felt easy, but I guess by the end I was more tired than I realized, because a quarter mile from home I ran into a railing and fell over, which was pretty embarrassing, and then a few hours after I got back I fell asleep. Still, 20 miles and no aches or pains (besides where I hit the ground), so I guess I must be getting into better shape after all.

Photo by presta