New fall season

I’m loving: Chuck, Pushing Daisies
I’m liking: Journeyman
Pretty disappointed with: Reaper, Bionic Woman
So over: Life, Kid Nation
Might take a look at: Dirty Sexy Money

5 replies on “New fall season”

  1. Sally – I watched the Aliens pilot cos it was free on iTunes, and wasn’t impressed. Still, I was home alone and in the mood for mindlessness, so watched the 2nd episode. I couldn’t get myself to finish (the naked locker room homophobia scene was just too much). Did it get more redeemable in the parts I missed? It sort of felt like TV execs giving broccoli to your stereotypically intolerant middle American. I liked Rajah, though.

    Danny – I wasn’t impressed by the hype for Chuck (OMG! An average guy gets thrown in with a hot chick!) – what do you like about it that might convince me to try watching?

    My own 2 cents – still liking Heroes, but not loving it anymore (would love it as the Bennett Family plus Sylar Show though). Possible that Stargate Atlantis is actually my favorite show airing on US TV, which I’d never have expected.

  2. @Erica: I don’t know much about hype, as I don’t have cable and don’t watch commercials. Chuck is funny, it has Adam Baldwin playing a similar character to his _Firefly_ role, and its cute in how they parody geeks. It’s not really heavy fare or especially meaningful, but it is good entertainment.

    Heroes is problematic because my dad, who didn’t see season one, tried to check out the first episode and was utterly confused, which really wasn’t necessary on their part. It’s been getting slightly better but its not great, I’m really hoping for improvements.

    SG:A? Gave up on that long ago, then they changed the entire concept, then they shook up the cast, and at this point I really don’t see the point to going back.

  3. @Danny:
    Chuck – Adam Baldwin = enough said. 😀 😀

    Hereoes – if I didn’t already love it, I probably wouldn’t be bothering.

    SG:A – I watch for McKay. And Sheppard and McKay. And the way they re-enact some of the best lead-character dynamics since Kirk and Spock and McCoy. And the team dynamic, and the fact that even though she’s woefully underdressed for a warrior, Teyla kicks ass without ever having to get girly to make her less threatening. Except for the underdressedness, urg. And of course, all the amazingly excellent fanfic that gets written in the SGA universe, which somehow was blessed with the people whose writing I’d follow anywhere. So admittedly what I bring to a viewing is a little different than the average viewer, and if I were the average viewer, I have no idea how I’d feel about it, because I haven’t been an average viewer pretty much ever. But given what kind of viewer I am, it still rocks, even if they are totally screwing things up with season 4.

  4. Ok, I watched Chuck. Now I’m kinda hooked. The romance plotline is a little clonky over the head, but overall the show is tons of fun and sharply written, so yeah. Count me converted after all.

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