A bit too real-world

Pam from The OfficeYes, I know what The Office is, but I avoided it because it was a British transplant and it was all about the awkward office interactions, and I can’t stand that, and it was getting cancelled anyway, until it apparently didn’t.

Saw two episodes, by happenstance, in the past two days. (Um, thanks Hulu beta?) Loving it. And it’s the first show I’m picking up in a while for which watching it out of order doesn’t feel like a cardinal sin.

Plus, dropping Bionic Woman frees up a spot. đŸ™‚

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  1. Have not. I gather that most people thought the stories transplanted to America were not as well executed as the original. I think if I watch the US version first and then catch the UK version at some later point, it will be interesting to see how it feels.

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