The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

I have happy memories of these books from my childhood, and watching the film gave me the same feelings. At two and a half hours long it may be a bit much to sit through, but I was smiling throughout. It wasn’t the movie I expected it to be — an hour too long for a kids movie, too scary and bloody for one as well. And of course it opened during World War II England and with a visual palate and soundtrack to match. The story was simplistic, but I think it was pretty true to the book, although I read it 14 years ago so I can’t be sure. I wish Peter would stop drawing his sword. I wish that after they fell into a just-unfrozen lake they would shiver a bit, and after a long chase they might be the least bit out of breath. And a few of the green screen scenes could have been better. But these are quibbles. The movie made me happy, and made a long train ride feel shorter, and that’s what counts. With any luck it has that same effect on others. Plus, of course, it makes me want to pick up the books again, this time with an eye out for all of that Christ imagery.