Camp is a sendup of musical theater camps and the crazed teens that attend them. They don’t fit in at home, but they fit in at camp, where they rehearse for 12 hours a day to put on a new play every two weeks. All of the guys are gay, of course, which leaves plenty of room for all-American newcomer Vlad to get with every girl in the place. Meanwhile Ellen deals with her self-confidence, cross-dresser Michael deals with his parents, and washed up playwright Bert deals with his bitterness (mostly through alcohol).

It’s cute. It has a lot of jokes that (apparently) only theater people will get. But where Saved! succeeds in spoofing by easing off and presenting a reality, Camp fails by trying too hard, lacking any focus, and being more worried about the song and dance numbers (of which there are many, and they are really good) than the plot. There is a lot of potential here, and there is some humor, and there is some pain, but it is too muddled, the characters too boring, and the story too lacking in wit and cleverness to be really gripping.

See it if you have been to theater camp or wish you had. See it if you want to hear some good music, or if you revel in Sondheim. Don’t see it if you are a layperson looking for entertainment…Camp misses the mark.