Costa Rica planning and advice

I’d like to solicit some help on what to do while in Costa Rica. I’m woefully ignorant of the country and region, although I hope that will change once I get there. We’ll be arriving in the city of Liberia in the province of Guanacaste on the 15th, and leaving from San JosĂ© eight days later. For the first half of our trip we’ll be staying at the Villa Sol hotel, which offers its own tours and such, and I’m not sure where we’re going for the second half, but I think it is someplace less “all-inclusive.” I tend to favor cultural explorations (but not museums) and fun outdoorsy stuff, my family generally favors more laid back excursions. The hotel has kayaks, so that’s definitely going to happen.

Other then that, I have no idea what we should be doing. I’ve been told there is white water rafting, canopy tours, zip lining, hiking, rain forest explorations, volcanoes…sounds awesome. Since apparently everyone I’ve known has been to CR at some point or another, input welcomed and appreciated.

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  1. Lucky you, I loved costa rica! I suggest a hike through the cloud forest and then maybe to the continental divide (purely for the novelty involved). Make sure you have some of the fresh made caramel that abounds in the mountains and try some Linzano sauce (the best hot sauce ever, though not too spicy, just tasty). Hmm, what else. Use lots of bug spray if you’ll be on the coast at all, I was only up in the mountains but there is malaria down there. Anyway, it is a great little country, though San Jose not so much, the land is gorgeous. And since you’re near the equator (practically on it) watch out for sunburn…

  2. Yeah, everything Jess said, except emphasis on the Linzano sauce. Just to plug a family friend here, Tico Tom,

    Not sure if you’re looking for a guide per se, but Tom has taken us all around the country and we’ve had an absolute blast.

    As per adrenaline rush type stuff, I found rapping down a waterfall pretty boring, rafting a little too exciting, and zipling on Arenal absolutely amazing and beautiful and fun. And Hot Springs around there are supposedly amazing. Although I highly recommend and Playa Dominical & Manual Antonio if starting in the North, and leaving from San Jose, I’d recommend staying in the north, and going South on the next trip, otherwise you’ll lose too much time (& patience) in travel

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