I dreamt that I was at a large IOCA event and was burying all of the board games around the hill/stairs to the site and covering them with snow. This after spending a very long time trying to create a xylophone with magnets (because the one that the band was using, from a Costa Rican tourist shop, was terrible) and failing. Next everyone sat on the steps for a Berkman conference. I came up with a fully formed and cogent argument for why Facebook is an evil spammer, and was arguing loudly with Yoni about it when I got in trouble for disrupting the introduction of the newest Berkman fellow, an old woman from Africa who was frail and could not speak English. A couple other things happened and then I woke up. My thoughts on Facebook didn’t entirely make sense, so I won’t repeat them here, but I mentioned Eben Moglen’s “stuff about ownership of data” several times.

So that was weird.

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  1. as weird as this sounds, i find it at least a little more interesting than mom’s wack dreams…

    how does one make a xylophone with magnets?

  2. That’s a good question. It was something with putting screws through them and then washers so that they could vibrate, but that didn’t really work. I realized they had to be suspended between something like fishing line instead, but then realized that the magnets weren’t supposed to be the things you strike, they were just going to be the things that…err…hold the metal tubes in place? Or make them float? I know the Costa Rican one was made up of a bunch of big wooden spoons that all overlapped.

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