One Very Long Night

I got back here Sunday evening. When I flew in at seven the sun was still up, and I was able to see Boston from the air during the day for the first time. It was cool, would have been cooler if I’d had a window seat. To get on the plane and jump four hours (three time zones plus daylight savings) I had to wake up very early, but I went to bed really late. I got a max of 4 hours of sleep, then I slept on the first leg of the plane flight, but for no more then 2 hours. I got to school and wasn’t tired, I finally went to sleep at 4AM and woke up in time for class at ten. I got tired again in the afternoon but, after lying down for a bit on my bed and watching the conclusion of The Prime Gig I had come back to life and was able to finish the day. I went to bed Monday night at two, and slept in until two the next afternoon, missing two classes, being somewhat upset, but oddly feeling refreshed. This is not good, my sleeping schedule is very confused.

So tonight…err…last night, I decided to do better. But at midnight I wasn’t tired and I was getting a lot done on myBrandeis. At one, then at two I was not tired. So around this time I decided to turn off all the lights and meditate on my bed. Just as I was centering my leg cramped. Alas, it was not to be. I sprung up, and meditation ended quite abruptly.

At this point I had a strange longing to hear Anthony Stewart Head sing That Town In the Rain. Pulling out my iPod I called up the song, and, to the depressing words of Los Angeles in Spring I looked out the window and realized that the rain was in fact real, here, and now. So I went for a walk.

I wandered. No place in mind, just started walking. Eventually I ended up at the new student center, still under construction. A bit later, on the other side, I ended up…well, I’ll leave out this next bit for legal reasons.

The new student center cannot be seen from the inside because it is a dangerous construction area that is fenced off. Luckily, there are blueprints on public display occasionally. So lets just say that I looked at the blueprints. Yeah…

So I checked out all four floors of the blueprints and I realized that the place is incredibly cool, and I can’t wait for it to open. The soft rain outside was a perfect complement to my calm, peaceful mood as I toured the blueprints and checked out the various rooms. The theater looks awesome, with big ceilings for the drop curtains or whatever they’re called and a complete tech booth in the back. There is plenty of office space, but I was unable to locate anything that resembled a bathroom.

Leaving behind the very cool blueprints, I trudged back to my room, to find out that the time was 3:15 and I still wasn’t tired!!!. What does one do? I’d already watched an episode of Farscape, so no more TV was needed…

Brandeis must love my log sheets for my Web Services work. Three hours: 3:15AM – 6:15AM. Heh. But I got some stuff cleaned up and am getting more ready to launch the new site design, so all is good. 🙂

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  1. I’m thinking if I visit the blueprints again I’ll bring my digital camera along and log the experience. And possibly, bring other people. 🙂

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