Read no further if you don’t want to hear what my take is on the end of this season’s Buffy. You could consider it spoilers, if I knew what it was, but I don’t. But I think I’m right.

1) The Legion of Dim is doing something big. I don’t know what, but it will be incredibly impossibly hackneyed as ever, and the gang will have to stop them from gaining world domination.
2) Tara will get caught in the crossfire. Yes, I am predicting that my favoriteist character is going to die tragically, and I have a feeling its really going to annoy me.
3) Willow, in retaliation, will go back to her magicky ways and launch a counter-offensive, and I have had a spoiler on how it goes down, and I’ll just say it’ll be quite cool, but very painful for the LoD.
4) However, there will have to be grave consequences for Willow coming back on magic. This I’m not sure about. Are they going to continue to go with the pointless addiction storyline? Or retcon a better explanation? I dunno, but I think Will will end up in the hospital one way or another.
5) The Xanya things confuses me – will Anya become a vengence demon again? I don’t think so, but she will try to inflict some terrible vengence on Xander, then she’ll end up hurting him just as he’s apologizing and confessing his true love and she’ll be all sad. He won’t die, but she’ll find it hard to forgive herself, at least until next season.

So those are my predictions. If I’m remotely closs, maybe I’ll have to go into entertainment writing. Won’t that be a sad day…

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  1. I change my mind. Anya will be a vengence demon, I think, but the result will be the same.

  2. Oh Marti, please, oh please, make the Tara killage be a disinformation ploy on your part. Please! Cause now I’ve just read it in two places, and here I thought it was just MY oversad imagination. Grr.

  3. Yeah, don’t we all wish… Poor Tara. I heart Tara. But at least Amber Benson got into the opening credits for one episode. 😛 I gotta say i was completely wrong about the Troika’s plans. Not something big, it was just some generic robbery. Which is kinda sad, really. They could have done much better. But maybe Warran will come up with some cool monster that he’s been keeping in reserve. And yay Jonathan redemption goodness. But boo Warran evilness! Not that I ever thought he was remotely good. Or caring. Anya as vengence demon with remorse? Interesting. Spike as gettin’ eviler? Double interesting, and a nice progression, although I’m sure many fans hate the whole idea that he could stoop to what is basically rape. Y’all gotta remember, he’s EEEVIL!!! But I do believe he is somewhat a changed vamp, but he was always a strange one. I just wonder when *spoiler start* he goes on the soul market he will be remotely like what he is as an evil, soulless vamp. *spoiler end*

  4. Now that everyone’s seem the new Buffys but me, I decided to post this sonnet I wrote in English. It’s about Buffy last night (the 7th) cuz even though I didn’t see it, I heard about it and when we were told to write sonnets this came to mind…

    Her power glows within and emenates
    And courses through her veins like fish in seas
    As her addiction grows and elevates
    I see her heart, a silent willow tree
    She’s drawn into the web of shadow light
    And feels her fingers slip from others grasp
    She changes as her eyes turn black as night
    She’s buried underneath, there’s no relapse
    The blood covers her clothes and stains her face
    Her love is gone and never to come back
    She slips into her dark and silent place
    Where everything s cool and cruel and black.
    She never can return to light above
    Until she has avenged her only love.

    I just had to share that with y’all!

  5. Shaina, great poem but Buffy is bothersome. I guess someone should try to explain it to me…brave soul!

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