Spy Pond is frozen over

Wow, Spy Pond is all frozen over and there are tons of people ice skating on it! I guess that’s not really surprising, when one thinks about it, seeing as this is winter and the pond was once used for ice making. Still, I’ve never before now seen a big ol’ 100 acre lake covered in kids and adults, prancing about and playing hockey. It’s pretty neat. Anyone, err, have some spare skates?

One reply on “Spy Pond is frozen over”

  1. I spent most of my childhood living up the street from Spy. Used to swim in it (now I think ewwwwww) and still occasionally ice skate there. Big surprise: one year recently, I saw a two foot orange goldfish swimming under the ice. Also surreal to see the last unfrozen spots where the ducks, swans, geeese and coots congregate! Was actually searching the Web to see if it was safe to skate there today!

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