This is not one of my better days…

Well, as far as days go all is fine, but in terms of computers…

Okay, the deal is that by Tuesday I have to have the new myBrandeis look up. But just recently we found a bunch of bugs in the Netscape 4 rendering of the page, which means lots of overtime for me. So how does one do this sort of thing? Why, from a computer, of course! So I have three, count ’em, three computers. A PC for testing the design in Windows on Netscape, IE, and Opera, my Mac desktop, and my Mac laptop. Well, now I have one. The PC. The laptop mysteriously died, and Apple is making me send it back, again, for the third time, to check it out.

The C-Store is out of all water but Brandeis water, which is terrible, and the water in the pipes here is even worse, so I did something I’ve never done before, I bought a Coke. And then I spilled said Coke all over my desktop’s keyboard. And now nothing works there…

So my desktop is temporarily fried, my laptop is quite dead, and this PC is not the ideal working environment, not to mention that the loudness of the keyboard keeps my roommate awake, and isn’t very nice. So I guess I’ll go to bed now, and tomorrow perhaps spend the day in the Feldberg computer cluster trying to get this darn site finished. Sigh.

7 replies on “This is not one of my better days…”

  1. What with Mozilla having gotten so good recently, and what with the upcoming 1.0 release, there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for ANYBODY to still be using Netscape 4. Screw ’em. šŸ™‚

  2. Netscape 4 is on quite a few more platforms than mozilla actually. So there are a few excuses.

  3. Netscape 4.x is the bane of the conscientious web designer’s existance, and I’d love to pretend it wasn’t there. But Gnuyen is right; my site stats indicate that I have considerably more visitors using 4.x than Mozilla. Oh well.

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