Charles Fawcett: actor, fighter, lover

In 1937, having run away from Greenville senior high school, where he had learned to wrestle and to play American football, he made his way to New York and then Washington DC, where a cousin happened to be the US assistant postmaster-general and took him in. By his own account, when he was 15 Fawcett had started an affair with his best friend’s mother. “If that’s child molestation,” he declared, “I would wish this curse on every young boy.”

Obituary of Charles Fawcett in the Telegraph. In 92 years he fought the Communists (in several wars), rescued refugees and POWs, married six concentration camp survivors, acted in over 100 movies, slept with Hedy Lamarr, and convinced Charlie Wilson to fund his covert war in Afghanistan. Quite a full life.