Looking for suggestions on things to do and visit in the San Francisco area on my first solo trip anywhere ever. I’m thinking this and this to start, along with standard wandering on foot, and maybe renting a bike at some point. But frankly the whole thing makes me nervous.

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  1. wish i could go with you… stupid work.

    my favorite place to eat EVER, anywhere is in sf – house of nanking. i know you’re not a big fan of chinese but it is amazing… esp the sesame chicken. but its a pretty little place and the line gets out the door if you wait til 6pm or later. i’m drooling just thinking about it right now.

    when i was there we just kind of wandered a lot, i liked walking around at pier 39 and also north beach… oh and i did lots of shopping but obviously that doesn’t really interest you. are you going back to boston from sf?

  2. I enjoyed going to Coit Tower. More fun than actually going to the top of the tower was all the murals at the base. They’re fantastically full of random details and history. My favorite is the guy in a suit and hat climbing out of (or into?) a manhole in the middle of a street scene.

    City Lights bookstore is neat – nothing quite as eclectic in Boston, really. I forget where it is… on some diagonal street, maybe Market? I’m pretty sure I walked there once from Coit Tower, but I walked a lot so that’s not saying a lot for proximity.

    I second Adam’s comment tho I think you might need a vehicle to get to Muir Woods.

    I also liked the Exploratorium (I think that’s what it’s called) and Golden Gate Park (I remember when I was a kid going on a neat curved Japanese bridge that I think is in there somewhere).

    If you start to miss cyberlawishness you could always drop in on the EFF in the Mission district. I’m jealous of their office, with its tons of vertical space and exposed brick and walkability to I think *three* different ice cream places. How cool is that?

    If you know anyone there who has a roof deck, go up to it at sunset and watch the sunset and the fog roll in. It’s nifty.

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