Mari-ju-ana is bad, mmkay?

Except at the New York Times. Goody!

“Everything is relative,” said Dr. Donald Jasinksi, a professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins medical school and director of the Center for Chemical Dependence at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. “Does it destroy as many lives as alcohol? No. Does it kill as many people as cigarettes? No. Does it have as many deaths associated with it as aspirin overdose? No.”

However, the article also mentions one important fact that I had no knowledge of before:

While a majority of people seem to be able to quit, there appears to be a small segment of the population — some 10 to 14 percent — that can become strongly dependent on the drug.

Hmm. Good to know. Would have been nice to know it earlier. I really wish I could find a good source of NON-BIASED marijuana information, discussing the goods and bads, long and short term effects, without biasing those findings based on ANY political agenda. But I’m probably just not looking hard enough.