Watch and learn? Nah.

Read and learn is more like it.

Friends, let me introduce you to the latest phenomenon to sweep the Internet — Television Without Pity (, or TWoP as it is known by legions of fans. Television Without Pity (motto: spare the snark, spoil the networks) is a Web site that recaps just about every minute of the most popular shows on television. With a sarcasm-loving staff of recappers, most in their mid 20s and early 30s, the site has a core audience of young adults who have a smirking love/hate relationship with television. As site co-creator Sarah Bunting describes it, “TWoP is for people who are watching TV and hating themselves for it.”

But, in typical fashion, my dad cannot grasp why anyone could find that site appealing. And I love him for it! 🙂