Today was a musical day. And I know I’m violating copyrights and I have never done this before but I just need to express myself through the songs. Well, one of them. The one that you can’t actually go out and buy anywhere.

So anyway it starts off with a boring LGLS section, then some fencing. Then it gets fun. We have our last official softball game, and it is against BEMCo, the other “loser” team, and it has just started raining…

Luckily there were no injuries and the game itself was quite fun. We did some of our best play of the short-lived season, and this in the rain and mud. And then in the seventh and final inning they somehow blew up back to the stone age. Which was okay, but somewhat saddening. I hit some good hits, made a few good catches, didn’t make any good throws, but it was really fun, most fun game I’ve played, and I wish it all wasn’t over.

I was humming Anthony Stewart Head’s LA In the Rain the whole time.

Tonight I LARPed, or micro-LARPed, or whatever, meaning my first experience with Live Action Role Playing. I was an alien. But they’re always big on keeping a lot of the story secret so that people who haven’t played can play in the future, so that is basically what I’ll say. I was an alien, and it was fun, but it wasn’t really like the big involved three day LARPs, so I dunno. I’d do it again, but I need to find out what a real LARP is before I commit myself to becoming a total nerd.

Oh, yeah. The music for the LARP was something from Forrest Gump, or something.

After the LARP I went into the room of gamers before heading to the library for some late night study time. In the middle of our James Bond knock-off game (which was somewhat fun), it started snowing, and I mean that beautiful snow you see in the movies, not normal snow, which can range from icky to painful. Beautiful snow. And I, in my shorts and t-shirt, went out and basked in in for a minute before hurrying back to the game. The music? Why, Christophe Beck’s amazing Magic Snow Music from the Buffy episode Amends. Here is where I break my rule and post material online. This is the song. It is beautiful, doubly so if you’ve seen the episode. LISTEN!!! I just wish I had it in a better quality rip.

Wait! I left one thing out! A late dinner with JacobW, with an appearance by Edward. Ah, good old-fashion one-on-one conversation. The music? Screaming Infidelities, by Dashboard Confessional. Only because Jacob recently mentioned it on his blog. And I found out tonight that another of his pursuits is mixing techno music. He is so cool. 😛 Oh, and extra congrats on the new Hillel Theater Group board presidency. Go Jacob! 😀