Blasts from the past

There is this great Dinosaur Comics strip about saying stupid things on the internet. His thought is that after about five years, we gain the ability to look back on anything and laugh and say, “oh, but I was so young and stupid back then!” With that in mind, I present a few past online properties of my making.

  • Boogle – The front page of the Brandeis network scanner/file search engine I developed and ran for a while, until the legal atmosphere made it increasingly unsafe to do so. Everything works except the actual search. Check out the past logos for some fun times.
  • – A silly domain name registered on a lark and then filled with a silly little article.
  • Who Cares? – My freshman-year student senate campaign web site.

There is also one special entry that I found while poking around on an old backup CD-ROM. It is the site of my erstwhile web design business, Terrestrial Concepts. I was very proud of this site at the time; I pored into it tons of love and time and effort, and all of the HTML and web design tricks that I knew.

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