For the past three days or so that I’ve had my computer, I’ve been happy to have it back online. Only, very quickly I realized that it was not on the internet. I could FTP, I could SSH, I could ping, but I could not get to web. So I thought, okay, try an alternate port…but port 8080 also did not work.

Finally I got an idea and typed “cox port blocking” into Google. Lo and behold, my wonderful ISP by default blocks port 80 and 8080. Why? Because of their stupid “no servers” rule, as if this web site is going to get more traffic than my rampant downloading if ISOs anyway! I mean, please!

So, long story longer, AgBlog is back, up, and actionable, at least until my next cable outage. I HEART Brandeis networking people, and the wonderful restriction-free network they maintain so well.

2 replies on “ARGH!!!! COX == EEEVIL!!!”

  1. Yes Paul, strangely enough, I was downloading the Debian ISOs. 🙂

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