Echo Chamber

It is too easy to get caught up in partisan traps. I never bothered to figure out what John McCain was trying to say when he got caught with the “100 years in Iraq” statement, so I looked it up. Of course, it is not nearly so unreasonable as Democratic Party attack ads make it out to be.

Which is important, because I consider myself a moderate, even if today in America moderate-liberal tendencies have somehow been transformed into “radical left.” And I like to try and believe in the fundamental goodness of people, most of the time.

Hillary Clinton has fallen slowly but inexorably into moral bankruptcy, to the point where I cannot see her in the White House. If somehow she wrests away the primary victory from Obama through underhandedness and fear-mongering, I might be driven to vote for McCain. He is threading a very dangerous needle, but I still feel on the whole that he is probably a principled man, even if, after his 2000 trumping by Bush, he is a changed one, and not for the better.

Edit: Okay, maybe not with the voting for McCain business. Gotta keep some perspective…