At present I am in White Plains, New York about to go to a wedding in New Rochelle. Right about now I need to go put on some of the quasi-fancy clothes that I only wear about twice a year. A couple of days ago I went to my closet to check that my suit was in good shape and didn’t need a dry cleaning. I discovered instead that the pants of said suit were full of little holes from moths or beetles or worms or time-traveling miniature raccoons. Oops.

I also don’t have any nice shoes in decent shape, so I decided to go Doctor Who style and wear sneakers. Friends intervened and told me that sneakers Simply Will Not Do, so the lovely Meghan is accompanying me to the mall in an hour for a last-minute shoe shopping excursion.

Right here I would insert some pictures, if I hadn’t forgotten my camera’s USB cable. Ooh look, pretty imaginary pictures! There is Dave on a roller coaster at Six Flags! There is everyone eating strange chocolately decadence at Max Brenner! Here is Amy surrounded by cute little children!

Okay, guess I’d better get dressed.

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