Getting Computers Is Hard Work

In order to get a workstation for my job at, I had to go down and build it myself. Basically they had a G4 lying around with no RAM and no hard drive, so I scavenged 256MB RAM and got a 20GB hard drive from the tech people, and got to install Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 and some software.

And here is the fun part – I’m currently downloading at 1.5 megabytes/second from Macromedia over the internet connection. See, I can still be amazed by little things in life. 1.5 Megs, thats like five T-1 lines! Neat.

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  1. since you didn’t seem inclined to talk about it over im, i will humbly request here.

    when did you start working for blah. if there is a loop i am so out of it.

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