Obama’s cult of personality

100,000 supports come out to see Obama in Denver. In worries me a bit. He’s not a rock star, he’s not the second coming, he’s a good politician at the right time and place. Sure, Americans are fed up, many of our cherished values and institutions are in shambles, and Obama’s brings a brand of hope and change to the table that people are desperate to latch on to. But I don’t like seeing otherwise sane and rational people I know succumbing to the siren call of partisanship and spin. We’re better than that. And we have the luxury, with a tremendous poll advantage, that while McCain continues to toil in the swamp, Obama’s supporters can keep their discourse elevated.

One reply on “Obama’s cult of personality”

  1. I’ve been struggling with this myself, the idea that I rely on the leftist freak show as a necessary counterbalance to the rightist freak show — it’s hard to find a nice way to say, “it’s nice that you back the right guy, but it just makes you the good kind of crazy.

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