Anthrax Came From America, But We Knew That

At first you might laugh at the following:
Rosenberg has also openly speculated that the anthrax mailer is a contract worker for the CIA, and that the letters were some kind of CIA-approved experiment to test how the United States would react to a biological attack.

Laugh all you want, then read this:
“People need to take her seriously. Her arguments are reasoned. She has had an excellent reputation and has certainly made a name for herself in this area before any of the anthrax attacks. She is by no means a crackpot or a kook, nor is she a conspiracy theorist.”

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One reply on “Anthrax Came From America, But We Knew That”

  1. Even more poignant looking back because it was absolutely true. A DoD scientist apparently did the mailings…although we haven’t heard much about that story in a while, so things could have changed.

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