Currently I am working days at Harvard, and nights on Bookly. Currently I am dealing with the season: short days, lots of snow and cold, not many opportunities to see the sun. Currently I’m eating badly and not playing much frisbee, and playing video games instead of reading, and watching TV instead of cooking, and staying up late instead of going to bed early. Currently I’m slowly making my way through The Great Gatsby, and then on to The Sirens of Titan, and then on to the next five things on my queue. Currently…I’m going skiing this weekend! Hooray!

Things aren’t especially bad, or especially good, they just are. It is winter, and winter is gloomy, and misty gray. It saps the color and the spirit out of everything. I’ve decided there is nothing to do but accept it, and read some more gloomy books, and fight with the cat, and trod onward towards spring.