Um…*scratches head*

So I got my new motherboard today, so right about now my Power Mac should be back online, right? Um, so, I plug it all in and nothing happens…no power. Now the old mobo would light up and the fans would start, I just wouldn’t get into bootup. So this is odd…so I pull out the old board and stick it back in, and now it gives me nothing as well. Maybe it’s the switch? I try an iMac keyboard on both boards and get the same. So I take my old board down to our Dell PC and try it with that power supply. Nothing.

Giving up on that, I remove my 60GB hard drive full of music and such and plug it into the nice ClubMac enclosure I’m borrowing from Maintex. This thing takes an IDE hard drive and outputs to FireWire so I can plug it into my laptop and get all of the data off of it. Except that doesn’t work either. The lights light up, the drive spins, the read light blinks, but nothing comes up on the laptop. So I try my OTHER hard drive, the 40 GB one that I formatted just before the death of the motherboard. Still no go.

So what can it be? The new mobo from ebay could be bad, but the old one won’t light up either. It could be a power cord, but the power on the ClubMac unit lights up…it could be the power supply but it doesn’t work with the PC supply either…so what the heck is it? One thing I do know — I’m not dumping my old motherboard as a dud until this is all resolved. And tomorrow we go to the river, so I guess it has to wait a week. And I have to be puzzled and confused and upset for a week…because I’ve built computers, damnit, and if I’m such a Mac expert I should be able to figure this one out.

Next I’ll have to take it to MicroCenter and pay them $80 so they can diagnose the problem wrong… Grrrrr.

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  1. Could it be your mac’s internal power supply that’s not working
    (I’m blanking on what it’s called…somethink akin to "powerbox" maybe?)

    I had this problem with 2 of my old macs, it was just that everything worked, but my computer wouldn’t boot-up…

  2. I did try it with the power supply on the Dell, assuming it gives the same kind of trickle…on my Power Computing mac clone I had to replace teh power supply and I just put in a standard PC one…does Apple use non-standard power supplies, even on their 20 pin models?

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