Weekend excursion: Hull & Sandwich, MA

As summer brings good weather, I hope to take advantage of as many weekends as possible to explore the Northeast and find what wonders are to be found. This weekend began with a trip to Hull, a small town on a long peninsula that culminates in a historic military fort. On the way, Meghan and I stopped at a Farmer’s Market by the side of a road, where we enjoyed taste tests of various jams, salsas, and sweets, but decided it would be a bad idea to purchase fresh lobster. Oh Farmers Markets, you are so wonderful. In Hull, we explored the fort and then lunched at Barefoot Bob’s while watching the surf and beach frolickers and cars. Verdict: onion rings were middling, as was the rest of the food. Then on to Mashpee, for some relaxation.

After about 30 minutes of said relaxation, we noticed that time was abundant and the weather was right for plunder, and so set off in search of adventure. We found it in the form of Pirate’s Cove, a themed mini-golf destination. Competition was fierce but, alas, all members of our pirate party came in over par. Amy scored best at +3, Mat and I fought viciously but tied at +4, and Meghan, well, she was a bit beyond that. Swashbuckling finished and dinner time approaching, we sailed back to our home island for some creative quesadilla cooking with ingredients on hand.

Sunday looked to bring rain, but the sky cleared despite all expectations and weather reports to the contrary. After examining various possibilities, we decided to venture forth to Sandwich, MA and visit the Heritage Museum & Gardens. The entrance fee was stiff, but the grounds quite beautiful. There was a slightly anemic European auto show, as well as a small American history museum, a vintage carousel, and an art museum. Some local bands were performing in the meadow near a wonderful little labyrinth.

After exploring every nook of the museum, we stopped at some local shops (and a local mall), contemplated seeing Up! (again), but ultimately returned to our home base. In the meantime, the parents went ahead and sold their house without telling me, after only 3 days on the market. Sitting in the mall, looking at Ireland tourism books, the news was a rude shock (although, congrats, that’s quite an achievement in this market!). Meghan gave me some strawberry smoothie to cool the sorrow, and later we kayaked a bit in Mashpee and enjoyed the quiet and stillness, and I let me troubles dissipate, perhaps to be eaten by the heron, or something.

Anyway, photos.

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2 replies on “Weekend excursion: Hull & Sandwich, MA”

  1. Looks like a good time was had by all. Did you stop in and see Mike and Jen and the girls (I hope)?

    Whose VW Bus is that? Looks like it’s in mint condition. A 1970 bus, perhaps?

    Pirate’s Cove and Sandwich . . . but no Doane Rock??

  2. Le Bus came from the auto show. It was very stylish and in quite nice shape, and it won some sort of car show award, something like “best bus.” (It was the only bus.) Same thing happened with the one random Land Rover in the show, it won best rover. Not a very big show, is all I’m saying.

    Doane Rock? Shrug. I’ve seen bigger.

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