Back from Lake Havasu

Returned today from a few days at Lake Havasu, a destination my family started visiting in 2001, soon after we sold our cabin in Lake Arrowhead. Unlike Arrowhead, which sits atop a mountain in San Bernardino and is surrounded by lush pines, Havasu is a large dammed lake along the Colorado River, used as a primary water source for much of Southern California, as a hydroelectric power source, and as a recreational area. Straddling the deserts of California and Arizona, the environment of Havasu is one of intense heat and austere desert landscapes. It has a charm bordering on beauty, and my parents recently bought a house in Lake Havasu City, as well as a new boat.

Lake Havasu City, home to the London Bridge (no joke!) is a five hour drive from our Orange County abode, counting the occasional bathroom break. At the end of the ride, the dry desert air is intense, the sun brutal. But once you get on the expansive lake, the rest of the experience is worth it. I last posted pictures of a Havasu excursion in 2003 and you will see not much has changed. The lake remains as it was, but our boat is a bit bigger. We still ski and frolic, but now with the addition of a marvelously fun jet ski. And, of course, I have a better camera now.

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