Shift to third

We held a “fiesta” event on Saturday. Now I always find it funny when people of different cultures attempt to have celebrations of another culture thinking it would make a good party. I say go for it, its fun and no one really seems to mind. But I wonder how many people would turn up if we had a Swedish party, or perhaps an Australian romp. I guess there is a line of taste you have to be careful not to cross, to stay away from any ethnic stereotypes or blatant untruths. I think it would be cool to go to an Italian-themed party or one of many other cultures, but I wouldn’t want to go to a party that disparages that culture. Then again, I’m not a stuck-up loser, I think that poking fun at yourself and others is healthy, and there is nothing wrong with a fiesta. Ours was fine, the food was good, the music was nice, and the company was fun. I’m just saying that there is a history in the United States of stupid parties where you do things like dress up as a poor immigrant or a Jew in the Holocaust. I don’t really get the humor and excitment in this. Now, as far as I know this doesn’t really happen any more today, but to reemphasise for the fortieth time: its something to be watchful of. Keep it fun, keep it free, keep it non-discriminatory.

By the way, I got some nice pictures of our party that I hope to have up in the media section soon. Our guacamole and salsa competition was a great success and there were some excellent entries, not to mention a really good seven-layer dip.