We last checked in as spring approached, but my mood was decidedly winter. Now summer is in full swing, and, much as I detest the Boston humidity, I’m certainly in a summer state of mind. Work continues to be what it is, but there is much else of value in the world: kayaking the Charles, walks when the air is cool, cooking when I have the energy, and eating out when I don’t. The occasional frisbee game, a visit to the New Jersey State Fair, ice cream on a waffle cone, farmers markets. Trips to the Berkshires, for mini-golf and canoeing. A holiday in Dublin with friends, just for fun.

And best of all, I am three months in to a wonderful new relationship, chock full of mutual respect and shared interests and happiness. Not a bad summer so far.

Next week, off to Israel on a Birthright trip, which I will try to deconstruct here if I have the time.

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  1. I did a Birthright trip back in ’00. It was lovely, tho very hectic and exhausting and intense and with a bit more propaganda than I’d have liked. Definitely glad I went. Have fun!

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