Currentlies for October

Haven’t written much here in a while. Been busy during the week with work and on the weekends out exploring. There are many pictures to be posted, soon as I get to that. On Saturday Meghan and I checked out Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, which was an interesting old quarry that we could walk around. It was unseasonably cold, a precursor to yesterday’s snow — SNOW! Last weekend was Harvard Square’s annual Oktoberfest fair, with a bunch of crazy lefty-hippie bands marching a “honk” parade. The week before we saw the 1,500 lb. prize pumpkin and other fun things at the Topsfield Fair. Had a great chili cheese dog at the B’nei Brith booth. Go figure.

Going all the way back into September (man, how did I get this behind?), there was a fun excursion to a cabin in the woods of Vermont that deserves an entry of its own. Along with that, a trip to the Tunbridge World’s Fair which included some really neat historic components, including old farm equipment, a blacksmithing demonstration, a one room schoolhouse, and hundred year old steam and gas-powered engines.

We also spent a long weekend in Baltimore, spur of the moment, because JetBlue was offering super-cheap fares. We explored the Inner Harbor, went to a book fair, hung out with a couple of Meghan’s friends, saw a dolphin show, and climbed through a submarine. Pretty cool. (You may ask, “where are the pictures?” A fair question. Soon.)

Otherwise, not much to report. I’m behind in my Ruby class, behind on my reading, and behind on my chores. Igor is away from the next few weeks, a good opportunity to caulk the tub and do other household maintenance, so I should do those things. Soon enough it is off to Cleveland to explore and see one of the final Springsteen shows of his tour. This whole frequent travel thing is starting to become a trend, between trips to Israel (still haven’t finished blogging!), Ireland (never blogged, never posted pictures!), and less glamorous but just as fun destinations like Vermont, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. The number of US states I’ve visited has probably doubled in the past year, and I don’t plan to stop. As winter approaches, skiing trips might start to dominate. Just as soon as I go out and buy a set of skis!