Girly schools

From (Seventeen Magazine):

In the October issue of seventeen, we named the 50 coolest schools where girls can get the best college experience. From frat parties to professors’ involvement, from campus safety to great shopping, we’ve picked the best of the best. Read on for more information on each school.

Now, from InstaPundit:

“Seventeen” has ranked the 100 “coolest” colleges. Apparently the first 50 were worthy enough to be investigated. I guess they didn’t look too closely at numbers 51-100. I’m proud to say that my alma mater – Wabash College – made the list at number 76. Unfortunately the editors forgot to check and see that Wabash is one of only three colleges exclusively for men still left out there. Has been since 1832. I guess this is further proof that rankings don’t mean too much. Although given their criteria and the enriching experiences that women have had while visiting Wabash – I’m not too surprised.

Well, to be fair, Seventeen says it was looking at the “coolest schools where girls can get the best college experience.” It didn’t say “as a student.”

I’m happy to say that Brandeis was ranked 77 – right below Wabash. Not sure what that means…