The thing about the Firefly 2 hour pilot episode is, it’s really good. I mean, really really good. It establishes characters with a lot of depth, it gets you caring about every member of the crew, it has suspense and action without being excessive…so of course Fox pulled it, decided it wasn’t exciting enough for their network, and instead Firefly began its life with the somewhat disappointing retooled episode The Train Job. It’s a shame, and when they show the pilot as an “origins special” in January or December, I hope people watch it.

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  1. Ah, perhaps that was unclear: it was leaked on the net, and I’ve watched it. Twice. Second time I liked it better. First time I saw it was I think after the first episode…second time was the day I posted this. So now I wonder, did I like it better the second time because I know the characters from the other episodes? Hmm…

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