Sleepiness elaborated

Here is a quick, long overdue update before I dash off to class. It concerns the continuing saga of my restfulness.

I decided to do another experiment last night – I was tired at 8pm, so I went to bed then, thinking that maybe I’d sleep my standard 9-12 hours and maybe for once wake up rested. Yeah, that didn’t work. I awoke at midnight, not awake enough to get any work done but not tired enough to fall back asleept. Not until about 4 am, and as a consequence I slept until noon (12 hrs.), woke up tired, and missed another Jerry Cohen class. Sigh, sigh, double sigh.

List of diseases I’ve ruled out, thanks to WebMD: chronic fatigue syndrome, mono. They recommend home tests – basically various exercises at various times before bed – that I really need to try. The problem I have is that I often get sleepy while doing exercise, causing me to stop, instead of getting reinvigorated like everyone else says they do…

One thing that does keep me active and awake is anything that requires both physical and mental activity relating to one task — it looks like carpentry is my thing (and hey, it worked for Jesus). If I can build a cabinet or a set or something every day at around 8pm, I should be set…

Anyway, consequences of sleeping through classes that are held at 1:00pm: dirty looks from the professor, missing papers, falling participation grade. Now, how do I convince Socolow to give me an A when I miss 2/3 of his classes? Sigh. Double sigh.


Eep! Class! Gotta run!

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  1. Try Wushu or Yoga or something. That way you get physical and mental stimulation without the side effect of bits of wood in unnatural shapes about the apartment. Remember, Jesus hated carpentry so much he started a religion to get away (which resulted in him getting nailed to a bit of lumber in a fit of cosmic irony).

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