So “Ken Burnsification” Is A Word

The Wall Street Journal has a very funny article about users of systems that profile them, such as TiVo, Netflix, and, all of which I use. Basically, the people don’t like or are suprised that TiVo pegs them in certain holes. Someone put Queer as Folk on their Season Pass list and suddenly TiVo was recording other gay-themed shows. Oh no, TiVo thinks I’m gay! So they start recording Jerry Springer to make TiVo think they’re rednecks.

Oh, good grief. TiVo is a machine and has no idea who you are or what you like. It, like Amazon and Netflix, use what you buy and compare it to what other people buy to forumlate recommendations. The more things you rate, the better the recommendations. All three of these services let you rank anything, and I have ranked a few hundred items on Amazon and several dozen on NetFlix, and I’m not afraid to give a TiVo show a thumbs down or thumbs up. Really, people, TiVo is not judging you! If all you have on your Season Pass list is Queer As Folk, it will try to find things similiar, with the same actors, writers, producers, network, or whatever. Give it more choices, and it will give you better recommendations. Don’t take it personally. TiVo is not judging you.